Watch Viral Video Of The Warri Girl Sent Away From School

As shared by an internet user…

Let’s Stop Seeing This Kids Plight As A Means Of Comedy Please.

There’s this video going viral online, about a little girl in warri that was sent back home from school just because she was yet to pay her school fees. Seriously, while others were laughing and making fun out of it, as old as I am, believe me friends, I actually shedded a tear.

Yea. And I’ll explain why. Growing up (Pri 4 precisely) my parents couldn’t afford to buy me these 2 books: Verbal aptitude (English), and Quantitative reasoning (Maths)

Beginning of the 2nd term, we were about 20 that do come out when the teacher comes to class and ask for those who are yet to buy the books. At a point, the number reduced.

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