VIDEO: Lightning Strikes Brazilian Footballer During Youth Game

A football player has been reportedly struck by a lightning bolt while playing during a youth game in Brazil.

The Associated Press reports that a Brazilian footballer recently needed medical attention after lightning hit the field during a youth tournament match.

Lightning struck during the Copa Sao Paulo event in Diadema, outside Sao Paulo, sending players scattering for cover.

Images that went viral showed Henrique, a defender for the Agua Santa team, groggy and lying on a bench.

Agua Santa said on Monday that Henrique recovered shortly after leaving the stadium in an ambulance and did not need to be taken to a hospital.

The opposing goalkeeper in the same match, Matheus Mendes of Atletico Mineiro, told ESPN Brazil he felt head pain because of the incident.

Mendes did not go with Henrique in the ambulance.

Watch a video showing the incident below:

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