Tanzanian artist Diamond requests for a public holiday during his wedding

Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz has requested the Tanzanian government to declare his wedding date as a public holiday
The Singer had scheduled his wedding for 14th February but he says that he had to make changes.
Diamond said that the date was changed because Tanasha’s parents would not be available on that date.
He also says that being a top East African Artist, many celebrities would like to attend his big day and therefore they had to adjust.

” I want my wedding to be historic” he said
Diamond plans on making his wedding public and allow his fans to attend and witness the marriage ceremony.
The fact that he has a huge following, Diamond says that he wishes that the government will consider his request to make the day a public holiday.
He also mentioned that he has plans to make his wedding posh and classy like the Royal Weddings similar to one of a prince.
The Singer has however not revealed the exact date or more details concerning his wedding but said that he will continue to update his fans on any developments

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