“I F***** Yo Baby Mama And Played With Your Son” – Soulja Boy To Tyga

Soulja Boy is taunting Tyga after he got together with his baby mama, Blac Chyna.

The relationship between Soulja Boy and Chyna lasted only two weeks after which Souja Boy said he got into it, not for love, but just to see what her “p** felt like.”

He has now taken to dragging Chyna’s baby daddy, Tyga, who he has been beefing for months. The “beef” started when during a Breakfast Club interview, Charlamage told Soulja Boy that Tyga had the best comeback year of 2018.

Soulja Boy took offence to Charlamagne’s claim, and started an all out war against Tyga. Soulja Boy made a few disparaging comments about Tyga on social media for the past few weeks.

But hours ago, he hit below the belt by bringing Tyga’s son, King Cairo into the beef. “Tyga?!” Soulja Boy tweeted on the night of Feb. 24 with laughing emojis and a photo of Tyga from his incident at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party on Saturday. He then went on to write in a now-deleted tweet, “Me and Blac Chyna could neva work she like niggaz like Tyga lol.”

Another post from Soulja Boy reads: “I fked yo baby mama and played Fortnight with yo son.”

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