Do You Think Joining Forces With The Police Will Help The Army In The Fight Against Boko-Haram?

In the days of yore, Nigeria Army are known to be the strongest Military formations in Africa.

One of the reasons Nigeria is labeled Giant of Africa is due to our strong military power.

Those days, we deploy soldiers to other African countries with security issues to help them restore peace in their land but now, our military cannot even deal with our own shit.

From the very beginning of terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria, it has been the fight of the Police.

The Nigerian Police tried their possible best to combat terrorism but it got to a point where we felt 100 percent Military involvement in the fight will end insurgency once and for all but NO!

All efforts by Former Military Head Of State who is now current democratically elected president to get the Military actively involved in fight against Boko-Haram are yet to yield any fruitful result as we still hear news of incessant killings.

No doubt, the Soldiers are trying their best, but it’s over 4 years now that the Nigerian Army have been in war front against Boko-Haram, why is there no success yet?

With the records of successful battles in and outside Nigeria, one wouldn’t have expected that the war between Nigerian Army and Boko-Haram will last for a year.

Yesterday, there were reports making grounds that about 190 policemen deployed to team up with Military Personnel, flee training.

However, the Police force has reacted to the report saying it’s not true, but even if it is true, nobody wants to die anyway.

Now that they are involving Police again in the fight against Boko-Haram, it’s looking like the army are trying to stylishly hand-over the Boko-Haram fight to the police?

Considering, the number of Soldiers and the number Army Barracks in Nigeria👇

Do You Think Joining Forces With The Police Will Help The Army In The Fight Against Boko-Haram?

Does Involving Police In This War With Boko-Haram Signifies Weakness In The Nigerian Military System?

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