5 ribs removed, 5 more to go – Princess Shyngle talks about her ‘hourglass figure’

Princess Shyngle

Actress and producer, Princess Shyngle, has revealed she removed five of her ribs to have the body shape she has now.

The Ghana-based Gambian actress wrote on her Instagram page “5 ribs removed 5 more to go, gat [got] to remove all these ribs.”

Princess Shyngle who has been teased a lot for her ‘tapoli’ shaped body also added she has removed her small intestines.

“You call me fake I call myself a work of art,” she wrote.

This post sent social media on frenzy with some fans of her declaring their love for her. believing in the post and others thing it is a joke.

@01gestor wrote “Whatever, I don’t fucking care if it’s fake or nhat. Buh all I know is still fucking love you for keeping your colour till date.”

@itzgladmercy went all out on her love writing “Princesshyngle I love u.”

@daddys.look.alike wrote “please don’t stop replying those dumbass people who can’t mind their business abeg.”

Others thought it was a joke after she tagged her post #justforlaughs

One Instagram user @kelith_toks commented “that’s just a joke. she didn’t remove anything, she uses waist trainer.”

@ribs154 was appauled at how people took her word for word “Some people can be so gullible, jez so you all believed she @princesshyngle has removed 5 ribs and small intestine and still planing to remove 5 more? Chai… I lack words.”

But some people was finding it hard to believe the joke part

@21_sausages wrote under the comment section “Massa, even the Togbe Tsali removed his jaw but died. Na who are you to remove your intestines and ribs Why you no tear science for school.”

@Sexylicioussexyface also wrote “my dear whatever she does or doesn’t do is not the problem, my point is she should not judge people’s choices when her choices aren’t perfect either.”

@abulugodswill did not think she is beautiful after removing her ribs, “After removing all this stuff…you are not still the most beautiful person in Lagos…what a waste… Just because of men you did all this nonsense.”

Princess Shyngle in 2016 said she wore waist trainers 20 hours daily to help trim her waistline.

Princess Shyngle

In some interviews, she said she trains with waist trainers.

However, March 2016 the actress known for her curvaceous body was hospitalised for a kidney disease after using a slimming device to give her a 22-inch waist.

Princess Shyngle, posted three images on Instagram showing her arm hooked up to an intravenous drip.

The actress captioned the post, “Hospital bound… Kidney disease healing mercies oh Lord need your prayers ya’ll.”

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