Guardiola To Be Buying Three More Players

Pep Guardiola

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola said the club is not done with its spending spree and vowed to “buy one, two, three more players” over the next few years.

Guardiola, who for the first time in his career ended last season without a medal, has spent more than £200m on players this summer.

The manager said he is building for the future and has since signed goalkeeper Ederson, Bernardo Silva, Kyle Walker and Danilo.

Guardiola says the current squad are “young and will stay for the future”

“We had one of the oldest teams in the Premier League so we decided to put energy in the team for the next five, six years” he said.

“Hopefully next season I will be here and we are not going to spend how we have this season.”

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