Disease Outbreak In Kwara State, 70 Killed

Strange disease

About 70 persons have died of a strange illness in OroAgo community, in the Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State.

People are dying and the cause is a mystery.

The deceased would first vomit blood and some black substances before dying.

70 people are already dead while several others have been hospitalised.

It was gathered that a large number of the Fulani settlers called Bororos have died since the outbreak of the strange illness on July 23, 2017.

The President, Oro-Ago Development Union, Olaniyi Olushosa said the death toll as a result of the strange illness had hit 70 in two weeks. 

He added that he had reported the matter to the state Ministry of Health in Ilorin, through a doctor that he identified simply as Dr. Lawal.

He said, “It is worrisome that the Oro-Ago General Hospital had been abandoned and left dilapidated. No health workers, nothing; right now, our community lacks health centres.

However, doctors and experts say the symptoms described by the victims were suggestive of a viral haemorrhagic disease.

A surgeon, Dr Adekunle Ashimi, said the symptoms could be indicative of Lassa fever.


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